Message from Club President


I am extremely happy to see our Club website brought back to life and re-activated by our wonderful and talented Rotaracters. We are as always proud of them and are committed to skills enhancement of the youth in every field chosen by them.

We see the year 2014-15 as one of change, one of vitality and one of diversification. Rotary Club of Dhaka Buriganga are committed to bring greater diversity in gender and age profile of its members. Concentrate on a few key service projects that can create impact in the community, improve the visibility of the Rotary message to the general public by improving P.R. and publicity. Our website is an important tool for achieving this as emphasized by R.I. in their website. We are also excited that we can take advantage of District 328

1 Web portal ‘Payra’ and incorporate information exchange between the websites in course of time, as our members get more familiar with the latter.

We remain open to suggestions by members and other visitors for improvement in content and user-friendliness.

K. Habib Sattar

President 2014-15

R.C. Dhaka Buriganga